Try Out The Best, Exclusive Facials in London, Swiss Cottage

Whether you want instant radiance for a special occasion or a complete skin overhaul, The Beauty Nest in London, in the heart of Swiss Cottage on the Finchley Road have the best facial treatments.
our facial treatment employ top-notch technology and a heavenly touch which produce REAL results.
From Frozen facial, Acne-targeting facial, Microdermabrasion facial, Oxygen facial to Royal facial.

Frozen Facial

It is THE Ultimate star choice for smooth & younger looking skin from the very first treatment.

We proudly provide the Ultimate Frozen Facial, which is combination of the advanced Diamond microdermabrasion with the pioneering COMCIT facial.
Our advanced Diamond Microdermabrasion buffs & polishes the skin, by gently removing dead skin cell layers straightaway.
This part of the facial not only encourages collagen re-growth but also boosts the circulation and provides lymphatic drainage.
The gentle but thorough vacuum of the microdermabrasion provides an instant glow on dull, weighed down skin.
As it has vacuumed a majority of the dead skin cells which were weighing down on the skin and therefore resulting in the skin looking instantly rejuvenated.

Followed by our ground breaking Crystal Clear COMCIT treatment using Cryo-Oxygen & Micro Rollers to infuse the skin with our intense Crystal Clear Anti-ageing infusions and stimulate collagen production. (There are different infusions for different skin types and skin concerns).
Followed by an intense hydrating and lifting mask which also plumps wrinkles from within.
Not only are our clients truly blown away by the results we have had with the Crystal Clear COMCIT treatments but so are we!

Beauty Treatment in london
Beauty Treatment in london

Acne Targeting

An acne facial is different from a regular facials.

Although some of the same techniques may be used, an acne facial not only targets acne breakouts but also the cause of acne by focusing on unblocking the pores.
By unblocking the pores we are removing excess oils, debris and dead skin cells which have been clogging the pores causing inflamed acne breakouts.

There are different customised Acne targeting facials according to the skin type.
A thorough consultation will take place before determining which facial type will best suit your skin.
This will include our skin specialist/skin care therapist asking questions about your medical history.
including any medications you may be taking alongside enquiring about your current skin care routine and dietary supplements.
The consultation will enable us to better tailor your acne facial to you as we may need to adjust the components of the facial accordingly.

We will start the facial by thoroughly cleansing your face followed by extracting the oils and debris from the pores as well as non-inflammatory acne.
afterward We will proceed with the customised facial which would have been agreed on with our skin specialist.


We can also recommend certain skin care products, which are not available to buy at regular retail stores.
The products can help keep your pores unclogged, as well as keeping the breakouts at bay and getting you to maintain a professional level skincare routine at home.

With regular acne facials you may be able to minimise future breakouts, the facials can reduce inflammation & redness.
For optimal results a course of facials is recommended.
The amount of facials required will depend on your skin type and severity of the acne.
In between your facials we ensure to stay in touch with all of our clients, of course At not extra cost.

we will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your skin as well as steps on any products purchased to give you a professional hand in achieving the best possible results.

With consistent acne facials we believe there is no reason for you to keep suffering from annoying acne breakouts.

Contact us sooner rather than later to schedule your consultation. your first step in the right direction to clearer skin!

Beauty Treatment in london
Beauty Treatment in london

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